Cucharitas would like to introduce new flavors on the market by designing gourmet food products, completely handmade with natural products, guaranteeing its nutritional properties. Our oils and sauces are designed to facilitate and give a new flavor to your preparations: salads, red and white meats, vegetables, seafood, pastas, sandwiches etc.

Surprise your family and your guests.
With the flavors that enhance the senses!

We offer three different flavors of Olive Oils: basil, garlic, and oregano. Also, sauces totally innovative flavors of cilantro and blueberry BBQ.

Do not hesitate to visit our website where you can find every month different and delicious recipes.

Also, visit our shop where you will find beautiful decorational
souvenirs of Costa Rica
Painted entirely by hand by Costa Rican artists and its owner
Gineth Sarduy.